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So after almost 2 weeks of purchasing it, the rare collectible I've been searching for, for about 6-7 years has finally arrived. So what is this rare collectible you may ask? Well I asked you guys in the comments on what you thought it might be. As I expected, most of you said the same thing but the question is were you correct?

As promised I will tag you here if you tried to guess so you can see if you were right.
deadbomb nefhithiel starrypurrloin pokewomon docgerbilsworld

Let's find out! :D

[Click here to begin the reveal]

So what does this package hold, considering it's size?

The box has been opened so what is inside?

Here is a quick tease of the inside. Do you know what it is now?

One last thing before revealing. As you recall, here is a rundown of the hints:

-Last time I checked, it was up for sale on eBay in 2013.
-The plush was made by Banpresto
-Very few of these exist in the world
-It has only had one official authentic plush ever made so far.
-If you noticed on eBay often, about 10 people were watching it before making the purchase.

So enough fooling around, it is now time to officially reveal what I got.


YEP!!!! As most of you guessed, it's the extremely rare 2001 Lottery Prize Banpresto Croconaw Plush!!!! I'm so excited I got this guy; sure it was a little pricey but this is rarely seen up for sale so I'm glad I got it when I did. I know how rare this plush is and being that there has never been a re-release of this plush or any official authentic plush, it makes it worth it even more. I can't explain how psyched I am to have this in my collection. It's truly now the holy grail of my collection. [so far] :D :D <3 <3 <3

Here are some more pics of him with different angles.

One side of the tag.

Other side with the Banpresto logo.

Now that he is out of the bag, I can the different angles. :)
He is just soooo cute and soft. The details are so well done and he is a really good size; almost 1ft tall. Definitely can see why it's so hard to find after all these years.

Well that's it for the post for this extremely rare plush. Thanks for reading and looking at the pictures and shoutout to all the people who tried to guess which one and almost all getting it correct. Have an amazing day everyone and I'm looking forward to seeing your comments. :) <3 <3

Also here is the DeviantArt link to it. :)
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