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Question about a plush + gets

Hi everyone :) I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a question I have. Does anyone know if the female waitress Pikachu plush from Pokemon Cafe was ever made available to the public? I have never seen it before other than in this picture (which I found here). I am not sure if it was just made as a gift for Masuda, or if there were ever any available for purchase. Thanks in advance for any info :)

I also have some exciting female Pikachu gets to share with anyone who is interested :)

Plush and mascot

My best friend was recently on vacation in Japan for a few weeks. When she told me she was going to be in Kyoto for part of her trip, I begged her to pick up the Kyoto exclusive Maiko Pikachu plush for me. She did :D


The adorable marker drawing was a gift from agui_chan. I actually received it quite a while ago but hadn't posted it in any of my other gets posts.

Clearfiles, tape, tin


I had wanted the shiny female Pikachu figure from Pokemon Scramble/Rumble U for a while but just never wanted to pay the high price for it. I finally gave in and bought it with a bundle of other figures from the same set. I'm so happy to finally have it in my collection <3

Charms, keychains, strap and broach

Notebooks and notepad

Pressed coins

Another question: does anyone know if a pressed coin exists of Doctor/PhD Cosplay Pikachu? I now have pressed coins of all the other Cosplay Pikachu, so I am assuming there is one available of the Doctor, but I just haven't seen a photo of one anywhere.


Blanket and towels/cloths part 1

Part 2

I LOVE these Sylveon and Pikachu towels. I wish I had bought an additional towel to actually use in my bathroom, but they are now sold out on the Japanese online Pokemon Center store (where I bought them) ;-;


I'm not quite sure if I should put the items below in my female Pikachu collection. I'm thinking that the Pokemon Center probably meant for this Pikachu to be a girl, but there have been quite a few times where a boy Pikachu had flowers on his head (which is awesome!), so I'm not sure. Usually I won't add something to my female Pikachu collection unless I can see her tail to know she is a girl, or know for sure she is a girl even if I can't see her tail (such as the name of the item stating something like "female version"). Either way, these items are super cute and I love them :)

Now for the biggest get of all...

The giant Its'Demo pillow cushion! When I found out this was being released, I got so excited! I really love the regular sized pillow cushion, but this one is so much bigger and extra fun to hug <3 Thanks so much, kitzune, for buying this online for me and lugging it to the post office (along with the giant male Pikachu Its'Demo pillow cushion, which was the same size! :P).

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions about any of the items in the photos :) Thanks so much for checking out my gets <3 Oh and here are my female Pikachu wants, just in case anyone has anything they'd like to sell :)

I don't have sales permission yet, but I am working on my application (just need to finish up my draft of rules). So for now I am going to work on a trade post as I've decided to weed out some stuff from my collection. I will post the link to my trade post once it is ready :) Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy(ed) your day!
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