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HUGE sales--rare figure straps, stationary, etc (tons of Pokemon Time!!)

Hi everyone! ( ' w ' ) Finally getting around to some spring cleaning and selling things that have been cooped up in storage since I have lots of hard to find items up for grabs, so please take a look! I will include a free special gift on orders totaling $70 and above, shown at the end of the sales post~ I took the pictures in a hurry, so if you'd like to see additional photos of anything let me know!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on 12/17/15.
My feedback can be viewed here!

Basic Info:
- All PKMNcollectors rules apply; I will not sell to banned or non-members.
- I reserve the right to refuse sales to any members with negative feedback.
- Feel free to ask for a quote, but those who commit to an item have priority!
- If committed, you may ask for the item to be held for up to one week.
- Backing out of a sale after committing will result in negative feedback.
- All items are shipped from a smoke and pet-free home.
- If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me! I will provide additional photos of items on request.

- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping/fees unless otherwise noted.
- Please send payment through Paypal within 24 hours after committing and receiving a total from me. If you did not ask for a hold, negative feedback will be left if the payment is not received within that time period.
- I ship from 15237 (PA, USA).
- I ship both domestically and internationally.
- Items will be shipped out within three days after receiving payment.
- Tracking is usually included on domestic packages, but for envelopes it is up to the discretion of the buyer to include it.
- Once an item leaves my hands, I cannot be held responsible for it! If there is an issue, please contact the mail carrier first.
- Please comment on this post in regards to sales, rather than PM'ing me. If you need to make changes, reply below your thread.

crossed out items have been sold!

Set of 6 Pokemon Time notebooks (2008, MIP)

One portrait and one pattern notebook each of Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Selling all six for $85, $20 each if bought individually. Going to try selling these as a set first and will offer them for individual sale if no one wants the set after 2 weeks.

Pokemon Time planners (2013 and 2014)

The 2014 planner has been removed from the plastic packaging but is in pristine condition. (The 2013 is MIP.) 2013 planner is $26, 2014 planner is $22.

Eevee Party Clearfile (2013, MIP)

A folding clear file from the 2013 Eevee&Friends promotion. $20

Set of 5 Holographic Type Focus clear files (2013, MIP)

These clearfiles have a holographic finish (grass and water have a sand dust holographic finish, fire has a shattered glass finish, fairy and psychic have a glitter finish). Selling the set for $50 first, if no one takes it as a set within two weeks I will sell them individually for $15.

Set of 5 illustration postcards (1999)

These postcards are in pristine condition and have been stored inside a plastic slip. Selling the set for $15 first, if no one takes them in 2 weeks I will sell them individually at $5 each.

Pokemon 2000 Postcard Set

Set of 6 postcards inside the original plastic packaging, pristine condition. $10

Misc. Postcards (2003)

The dark blue Jirachi and Hoenn Starters postcards are 3D plastic. The other two are glossy paper, and the Christmas one has some bends on it. Taking offers on these since I don't really know how to price them? ( < w > )

Misc. Flats (1998)

Japanese stamps (MIP), holographic stickers (have a bend on the sheet), and Southern Islands TCG brochure (pristine condition). Taking offers on these!

Stickers (2013 and 2014)

Pokemon Kokeshi stickers, printed on textured paper (Pikachu, Eevee, Cubone, Far'fetchd, Xatu, Mew, Torchic, Dedenne, Hawlucha, Dewott, Frosslass, Sawk, Throh) - $13 (package has some slight bends from storage)

Pikachu Oops! stickers, glossy (Pikachu, Dedenne, Espurr, Greninja, Froakie, Binnacle, Pamchan, Goomy, Hawlucha) - $15

Pokemon Time rayquaza - $15

Pokemon Time Flygon pattern clear file (2013)

Untouched in the original packaging, though the portrait clear file has been removed. $8

Pokemon Center foil stickers (2013)

Stored in a toploader, taking offers.

Pokemon With You tin badges (2013, MIP)

$5 each. Sylveon has been sold!


Tokyo Meowth charm - $13
Loose Eevee Charm & Pressed Kyogre coin - free with $20+ purchase

B&W Dex Charms (2010, MIP)

$10-15 depending on the Pokemon you want, will offer discounts if you buy multiples! Please comment with the ones you're interested in. The Togepi is a 2013 dex charm.
Cofangrigus sold!

Espurr Wanted, Darumaka, Dex Charms (2012,2014, MIP)

Espurr Wanted $25 set, $10 each
Darumaka, Torchic, Chikorita, Piplup - $12
Bulbasaur - $15

Pokemon Time Charms (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 MIP)

2012 Poliwirl ($13), Charizard ($30), Psyduck ($30), Oddish ($13), Growlithe ($30), Venusaur ($20)

2010 Skiploom ($30), Teddiursa ($30); 2009 Espeon ($39); 2013 Latias ($20), Deoxys ($12)

2014 straps - $12 each
Dragonite has been sold!

2011 Treecko ($20), Mawile ($35), Mudkip ($25), Skitty ($30), Wailord ($15), Gulpin ($13)

Pokemon Time Mug (2008)

Mug and coaster have been stored inside the box and are in pristine condition. The box has very slight wear to it. ($50)

3DS XL hard case (2013, MIP)

Clear case with silver details. $20

Pokemon Petit Straps (2013, MIP)

$12 each, $27 for set

Any orders totaling $70 and above will receive a free Jellicent charm! ( ^ ^ ) I sell them for $10 at cons, the blue part is translucent.

Thanks for looking! Please message me if you have any questions~
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