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ready to challenge the elite four?!?! kanto gym badges have arrived!

Hello!! As the title states, the Kanto Gym Badges have arrived!

This post concerns: skdarkdragon ceruleanblues15 diamondphantom leafyoddish98 mixie94 kriscarmi classypersian pkmnexcavation

Please view your confirmed claim totals and send the payment within 48 hours. :)

Sales Rules
- My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/zorroark
- I only accept Paypal.
- I ship internationally from Singapore.
- I take 1-2 weeks to ship.
- I am not responsible for the items once they have been shipped.
- Prices are in USD, excluding fees and shipping.
- Tracking is an extra $2.50 per shipment.
- I will reply to quotes within 1-2 days.
- All items come from a smoke-free, pet-free environment, and are MWT unless stated otherwise.
- Commitments take priority over quotes. Please pay within 48 hours after committing! Backing out of committments will result in me leaving you negative feedback.
- Please let me know if you'd still want the item after I've given you a quote! It's okay if you decide to pass (as long as you didn't commit to it).
- I will not sell to those banned from the community.

Here's how they look!

I'm ready to challenge the elite four!! Hahahaha... if only..

They're much shinier than I expected! Especially the Volcano and Marsh badges.

*Tried to take a dramatic photo*

Everyone will receive these little gachapon pamphlets too! Let me know if any of you want more than 1 piece per badge, since I have at least 7 extras from the ones that I got for myself.
Claim Totals: (including shipping and PP fees)
skdarkdragon : $9.27
ceruleanblues15 : $9.27
diamondphantom : $9.27
leafyoddish98 : $9.27
mixie94 : $9.27  
kriscarmi : $9.27
pkmnexcavation : $9.27
classypersian : $9.27

Please send the money to articunohsm@hotmail.com within 48 hours. Leave your username and what you bought in the notes! :)
That's all from me!~ Have a nice day! ^^

Which is your favourite Kanto Gym Badge?

Boulder Badge
Cascade Badge
Thunder Badge
Rainbow Badge
Soul Badge
Marsh Badge
Volcano Badge
Earth Badge
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