ghostykins (ghostykins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

antique store find!!!

my friends went to an antique toy store over the weekend, and this is what they found:

story behind the cut!

so on sunday, my friend called and asked me if i already own a lugia pokedoll. i told her yes, and asked her why, and she said she and my other friend were at an antique toy shop in our area, and that they had pokedolls. i hear my other friend say 'grimer' in the background, and i immediately was like PLEASE GET THAT I WILL PAY YOU BACK. my friend tells me 'sorry, i think he's buying it for himself'. they send me a few pictures of it shortly thereafter, and from first glance it looked legit. at this point i'm quite disappointed, because i know these things are pretty rare and it has always been a dream of mine to find a rare plush at a thrift store/antique shop, but i was still really happy they bought it instead of leaving it there and telling me about it later.

so afterwards, they invited me to hang out, and i was like "yes please so i can scream over this cool thing you got". so they pick me up, and as soon as i get in the car they hand me the grimer and say "happy early graduation!!"

i literally cried. he is so cute and i love him so much. and he has his tag!!!

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