dingyringo (dingyringo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

WTB + Gets+ New PC items

I was finally able to get a Natu thanks to a member here. Thanks again, I love it! I hope you guys are enjoying all the buzz around the new games. I can't wait for all the new starter merch, I love all three.

I have a small want. I'm looking for a minky Torchic pokedoll in good condition, if anyone has one for sale please let me know. Found one. Thanks.

Some new items were added to the US PC.com.  I noticed that the Swablu keychain plush is listed as 3.7 inches tall and the Japanese version is 4.5 inches tall. Judging by this information it looks like they decided to make the keychain plush even smaller because the US SB-pokedolls were made smaller too?

Does anyone have the Japanese Swablu keychain and/or the US Swablu secret base doll, I'd love to know their sizes in hand.
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