Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Last sales before I put all on ebay! Added new stuff!

Hey everyone! Just a short sales post cause I´m in need of money! ;_;
I added some new things, also rare stuff! But I´m still open for trades!!

Shipping worldwide up to 4$ no matter how much you buy!
I accept Haggling & Trades for things on my wantslist!

Please take a look under the cut! Thank you! :3

- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- I ship from germany worldwide!
- All prices are without shipping & paypal fees
- Shipping price:
                             > flats: 0,98$ - 1,60$
                             > non-flats: 4,00$
- Paypal only
- Shipping is without insurance and without tracking - please tell me if you want insurance & tracking! Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost packages!
- I accept haggling
- I accept trades for things on my wantslist (which you can find on my Lj)
- Minimum purchase: 4$

Emolga PC plush: 15$ 12$                   I love Eevee Espeon plush: 12$         Espeon Pokemontime tin: 10$

Fennekin Pokepalse plush NWT: 30$                     Custom butterfree by BuggabeeBaubles on etsy: 10$

Poliwhirl Hasbro NWT: 8$                                       Clear kids (venonat&masquerain) 5$ each, surskid 2$

Espeon italien MINT holo: 2$                Wooper Promo card (very good - near mint): 2$

Pokemoncenter bag (pics show front&back) 2$

MINT Japanese Arcanine holo Neo Destiny: 7$      

Superrare old clefairy light-up keychain (I could make it light-up again after it was defect!)
ONLY FOR TRADE RIGHT NOW. Would love a Raichu PEZ dispenser, Raichu light-up toy or other rare vintage raichu!

Supercute pink butterfree & venonat sprites made by latias_latios_7! 5$ both together
(shipping for them would be 4$ because of the size)

- Battle museum figures: bellossom,mareep,nidorans 4$ each, clefairys and jigglypuff 2$ each
- chikorita pink stamp (works): 5$
- chikorita green stamp (works): 3$
- gloom tomy 2$

Tags: arcanine, bellossom, butterfree, chikorita, clefairy, emolga, espeon, fennekin, figures, gloom, jigglypuff, kids, mareep, masquerain, nidoran, plush, poliwhirl, sales, venonat, wooper
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