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New Sales + Wants

Hello. I have a couple new items for sale under the cut. Most of them are new arrivals but a few are items I'm weeding from my collections. Here's a preview:

Sales Permission granted by godudette on 5/28/2013.

Le Rules
- Dog friendly home but she has not been in contact with anything.
- I will haggle on prices for the most part.
- Minimum $3 purchase! No exceptions.
- Ask about condition! More photos upon request.
- Inquiring about an item will put a 12 hour hold on it (a.k.a. quotes have priority).
- You have 2 days to pay. After that the item is made available again.
- I will do wishlist trades. (
- Any non-finalized trades will be voided if you fail to respond after three days.
- I'm in the US. I usually ship within 5 days.
- Prices DO NOT include shipping or fees unless stated otherwise.
- International shipping for non-flats starts at $9.50 to Canada and $13.50 to everywhere else.

Tag, You're It!
xxlatiosxx - I'm holding the Mew tin for you. Let me know if you still want it.
clicky797 - I don't know if you're still interested in the Altaria retsuden but I'll tag anyway.

Update: March 16
All packages have been shipped with one exception (check Paypal to see if your package was marked as shipped).
Everything that was not sold here has been added to my main sales. Thanks everyone!

Everything can be combined with regular sales.


Gabite, Combusken, Mesprit, Uxie, Shaymin Metal Figures - $15 each
Steelix, Registeel, Regirock, Seedot Metal Figures - $10 each
Azuril, Marill, Machop, Burmy, Pikachu Metal Figures - $5 each
Weavile and Heracross are unavailable.
SOLD:  Bronze Pikachu, Copper Registeel
Metal Figures

Skiddo, Mudkip, Primal Kyogre, Shinx, Primal Groudon, Goomy, Mega Lati@s, Blaziken, Espurr, Swampert, Mega Blaziken Pan Stickers - $1 each
Everyone Else - $.50 each
Stickers 19

Decochara Seal Holder - $5
Sylveon/Alakazam/Croagunk Sticker - $3
Everything Else - $2 each
SOLD: Glaceon/Panpour/Spewpa Sticker
Stickers 18

Mew Snowglobe Tin - $30
Mew TinMew Tin Collage

DP Pokemon Themed Tin - $15
20160424_155155DP Tin Collage

Shaymin/Pikachu Tin - $20
20160424_155735Shaymin Tin Collage

Pokemon Canvas Tin - $12
20160424_155646Canvas Tin Collage 2

Pikachu/Manaphy Tin - $10
20160424_155416Baumkuchen Tin Collage

Meowth Coin Tin - $10
20160424_155529Coin Tin Collage

Kid Figure Lot (figure condition varies) - $7 for Everyone
*Milotic is not a kid figure.*
Kid Figures

Lucario Pokken Face Towel - $7
Pikachu Pokken Face Towel - $5
Blaziken/Machamp Pokken Clearfile - $7 for both

Pikachu/Dedenne/Eevee Handkerchief (?) - $5
Pikachu Pattern Handkerchief (?), Pichu Keychain Plush (used condition) - $4
Mega Charizard X Reflector - $2
Misc. 11

Advanced Generation Underlay - $10
It's the same one pictured twice. Just wanted to show that it's somewhat translucent.
AG Pencil Board (B)AG Pencil Board (W)

Recently won an extra Riolu/Lucario PokeBox keychain with the intention of taking the Riolu and using it as my phone charm. I was going to keep the remaining Lucario and PokeBox logo but figured I'd see if anyone was interested in them. As for Poochyena/Mightyena I did want these but I think I'm going to try and hunt down one with the packaging and all three charms intact. I'm selling it at the same price I won it at.
Poochyena/Mightyena PokeBox Charms - $20
Lucario PokeBox Charm - $10
PokeBox LucarioPokeBox Poochyena, Mightyena

XY Clearfile Holder - $15

Lucario Chou Gets, Lucario Keyholder - $3 each
Lucario 1/40 Playset Figure - $2
SOLD: Normal Lucario Chou Get

Snack Wrappers, Plusle TCG Card, Gold Electivire Coin - $1 each
Resgisteel Sticker - $.50
Freebie Snack WrappersMisc. 10

Mystery Dungeon/Pokemon Trozei Booklet - $4
This is a very thin booklet (around 7 pages or so). The pages I've shown here are probably the "highlights" of it.
Promo BookletPromo Booklet Back
Promo Booklet Page 1Promo Booklet Page 2Promo Booklet Page 3

Espeon Retsuden Stamp - $10
Metagross Retsuden Stamp - $7
Eevee, Altaria Retsuden Stamps - $6 each
Dragonite, Munchlax, Gyarados Retsuden Stamps - $5 each
Everyone Else - $4 each
*None of the stamps have ink.*
Umbreon and Zigzagoon are unavailable.
SOLD: Wobbuffet, Bellosom, Surskit, Masquerain, Plusle, Clefable
Retsudens 2

Charmander, Dratini Stamps - $5 each
Ivysaur, Butterfree, Lapras Figure Stamps - $4 each
Totodile, Nidorino Figure Stamps - $3 each
Everyone Else - $2 each
*These most likely do not have ink.*
Random Stamps

New Freebies
GONE: Pochi Bag x7
Freebie Misc. 3Freebie Pochi Bags

Also here's a wants plug. My main want at the moment is the gunmetal Riolu figure. I don't know why this particular vairant is proving so annoying to track down but it's the last one I need. I have other Riolu metals that I can trade, I can pay for it, or I can do a mix of both. Please let me know if you see it anywhere. Outside of that I'm also looking for a European Bandai Monferno figure, a Noibat chupa figure, a mwt Panpour pokedoll, mwt Pansage pokedoll, and a Pansage retsuden. For the Pansage retsuden I only need one, doesn't matter which it is. I'm aware Pokevault has one but I'd prefer to only buy from there as a last resort.
side wants
Tags: monferno, noibat, panpour, pansage, riolu, wants
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