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Not one, but two gift packages? *O* A second SSS???

So, I got TWO absolutely amazing gift packages this week!
And you wonder what gifts these might be?? Well, as some of you might or have noticed, a while ago my friend latias_latios_7 organized a small private personal gift exchange with a few other members on the community! And I ended up doing a gift exchange with her and one of my other friends here on the comm, starrypurrloin :)

Let me just tell you in advance that these gifts were absolutely AMAZING and felt like Christmas, Birthday, and a second SSS altogether! ;O;
So it's definitely worth checking out :)

Let's begin with the gift by latios_latias_7 (Rachel)! :>
Natu, of course, will be my assistant just with the sss :D

First, let's see all the gifts together! Woah, look at all the beautiful packaging ;O; I really looooove gifts that are wrapped like this, so this is already perfect as can be ;w; Just warms my heart right up :)

So there were even little notes attached to the gifts indicating the order in which I should open them!
First of all, though, there was an absolutely GORGEOUS hand-drawn card with a Charmander on it. Omg, I can't even it's so cute *w* *dies* But it says open last, so I will only have a look inside later :>

So, first, let's open the small gift! Natu, can you see something?
Natu: Look, it's wrap-ception! There's a wrapping inside the wrapping!

Natu: Aw, such a nice cushion, what a nice gift, thank you! n_n
Me: -.-;; Natu, this is not a cushion, silly! There's something inside, go open it up!

Swablu: *chirp* <3
Natu: O///O

O - M - G !!!!!
..... !!!!!!!
It's an itty bity tiny little Swablu!!! ;w;
The way I felt when opening this up:

Literally perfect! ;A; Thank you so much, Rachel! <33
Swablu has next to no official plush merch, so this is just perfect, and of course a welcome new member to my flock of bird Pokemon!

Okay, after the fangirl birb hype, let's move on with the rest of the gifts :'D
Next up is this other "smaller gift"!

It's large Venomoth custom bead sprite! *O*
Surely you all know Rachel's amazing bead sprites and this is just another perfect example! Omg, now I really feel bad for saying that I didn't want sprites as my "main" gift, because this is seriously just so awesome!
I loooove Venomoth and this big sprite is just gorgeous as can be! You even chose the custest Venomoth sprite ;w; I will definitely hang this one up next to my big Charizard and Charmander sprites :)

Okay, this is the last gift :) So excited :D

..... OMG.
I am shocked ;w; (in a positive way!!!!)

And it's a pudgy little fatty Zard! *_______* <33

It even has tiny wings <3 Reminds me a bit of the Chairzard Pokedoll :)

This plush is my FIRSt ever custom Charizard plush! Since the Char line has so much official merch, I usually tend to only get customs of my favorite Pokemon who haven't got a lot of official merch to begin with. But it's so awesome to have a custom Charizard now :)

But now, let's open up the card, shall we? :)
First thing I noticed was this adorable drawing of Swablu and ANOTHER little gift? :O A cute little custom Noivern charm! So cute n_n

And here's the note:

And finally, everything together <3

Thank you so so so so much, Rachel! <3
I cannot express how awesome your gift was to me, I love everyting to bits! Even though that Charizard is adorable, I have to admit my favorite part was the little Swablu, mainly because it's just so tiny and cute and so special since you don't see Swablu a lot of the time and I am in love with all my birdies atm :D Focussing on my underrated cuties was definitely the best decision you could make :) THANKS A MILLION, MY FRIEND <3

Second, but not in the LEAST bit less important, Nat's (starrypurrloin's) gift! Stay tuned guys, the second gift is just as amazing as the first one!

Omg, I already love everything from just looking at the awesome packaging and the adorable little notes on the packages. *w* So many packages aaah I can't even decide which to open first xD

But since I read about a melon bandanna you made yourself as it reads on the big flat package in the back, what first popped into my eyes were the candy and this awesome self-made custom bandana :O

Omg, this is sooooo cute <3 What an awesome idea for a custom gift :) Now I also know whyy you asked me if I liked melons!! :D And yes, I DO love water melons! The funny thing is my boyfriend and I just bought one this weekend and it was absolutely deliciious! This cute little bandana totally reminds me of summer and sunny days :)

Ugh, Natu, the bandana is specifically designated for a Charmander, not for you. And btw, that's not how you wear a bandanna. -.-

Natu: And that way?
Me: okay, now you look like a Baksy graffiti :D http://cdn-media-2.lifehack.org/wp-content/files/2014/07/banksy-flower-thrower-92718.jpg

Natu: Okay, next I wanna open up this small flat gift :>

A whole booster pack AND a small little Charmander embroidered patch? :O Omg, this gift is already starting out amazing!!

I opened up the booster pack after opening the other gifts, but here's what I pulled :) I was totally satisfied with my pulls, especially with the cool Rattata reverse holo and cute Clefable rare. :) I love Clefable and have recently developed a small love for Rattata since I love mice and rats n_n

Always love me some trading cards <33

Next up, Natu wants to open up this little pouch :D

Natu: New birdie friends!!! <333
Omg ;w; A Pidgeot Tomy figure and Pidgey, Altaria and Surskit Kid figures along with a little Tepig button! I looooove small gifts like these <33 I am especially happy about the birds as they will be new additions to my bird collection :) And I absolutely adore the little Surskit <3 All these figures were even on my wants list and I couldn't be more thankful :3 You're the best, Nat <3

Next up, there is a big flat package :)

And it contained a bunch of awesome book pages!
First up, these awesome custom-made character cards <3

And then, some nice and funny little surprises! Book pages with some of my favorite little birb babies ;w;

I cracked up at the Natu one xD That is a pretty big Natu! :D
I will probably color these in when I find the time :) Where did you get them from? Are these pages from a coloring book?
And the character cards are so awesome as well :) I can imagine it was a lot of fun putting them together :> I will see if I can find a nice place for them on my wall since I basically love plastering my wall with posters and pictures and all :D

Now, this is the last package! :O I was so excited what was gonna be inside I almost fainted hahaha xDD

I can see something orange flash from inside the package ...

.... No. NO. WAY. Can this be true??!!!



Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

(If you don't get it, then you need to catch up with basic rock music history :P)

Seriously tho.. there is a story behind this plush! You may have heard about it as I have already told about it here on the comm.
I actually already bought this plush one year ago from a former member of pkmncollectors who I found on youtube via their channel. Sadly, the package got lost in transit :( Now, a few months ago, I began craving for this plush again and it became my most wanted Charmander item!!
Even though Charmander is my favorite Pokemon of all time (together with Charizard), I am not a fan of a lot of Charmander plush because of their designs. However, this plush always looked like one of the cutest ones to me, so I had to have it. It just has such cute chunky feet (I love these kinds of feet on Charmander) and such a cute face. I eyed one on ebay a few months ago, which was only 20 dollars. However, naturally, international shipping from the USA was a killer so I couldn't afford it :(
And now... now I have one! :') I can't even believe it!!! I NEVER ever expected Nat to get this plush for me and I squealed like a madman when opening up this package xDD Seriously, Nat (starrypurrloin), I don't even know how to express how utterly AWESOME this is ;A; THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! <333 How did you get him? Where did you find him?
Also tagging mothsicles for this, as you know we've talked about the Charmander backpack plush before :) I can' believe I managed to get both of the ones I wanted (Charmander AND Raichu) within such a short time!

You said that the watermelon bandana was specifically made for one of my Charmanders and of course who would have guessed it I chose it should belong to my backpack Charmander :) Look how adorable it looks <333

Look how cute he is I can't even!!!! >w< I love this plush to death already, and I promise I will cherish him forever!! He means a lot to me, and now even more since I know he is from you :)

But now, there is ONE last thing left still!
This adorable envelope:

There is a little self-drawn crow on the front OMG! <3 Crows are my favorite animals, and you even thought of THAT! Just wow :O So much thought went into this gift and I am so ovewhelmed ;w; It even says "Krähe" which is the German word for crow!! :D Omg, I can't even this is just so CUTE!

Now, let's look at the note inside :)

There is even MORE small trinkets inside! :O
Another tcg card, a holo Noivern! :O This card is so beautiful, awesome! And two little birdie Pokemon stickers <3

And finally, here is the (funny) greeting card (with a Natu on it!!) :D
(Don't worry, your writing is absolutely adorable :>)

And once again, here is everything together :)

Just amazing... I don't even know what to say anymore. I feel absolutely spoiled ;_; THANK YOU SO MUCH, NAT!!! YOU are the BEST!!! (along with Rachel :D)

So this was it :)
Once again, I cannot even express how thankful and overwhelmed I am, thank you latias_latios_7 and starrypurrloin! Both of you went all out for my gifts and I can't believe how much love and thought went into them. You two are my BEST friends on this community, and you have brought me so much joy not only with these gifts but also throughout so many nice and lovable gestures throughout the time I was lucky to spent with you here on the community <3
Participating in this private gift exchange was one of the BEST things ever and honestly cheered me up soooo much (I have a lot to do atm and generally am a bit on the depressive side unfortunately...) But these gifts brought huuuuge smiles to my face, and I can't express my gratefulness to you guys.
I will definitely participate in an exchange like that should there be another one next year or so :) My gift will still take a bit since you know I am focusing mainly on customs, but having received these awesome packages from you I will now make sure to return the joy right back to you :)

Thanks everyone for reading and looking :)
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