drzoidburger (drzoidburger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom Pokemon Time Lucario up for trade!

A bit ago I saw this epic custom pokemon time lucario up on ebay and decided to grab him, but now I wish to trade him, as he just doesnt fit in to my collection.

(I was NOT the maker of this plush just FYI)

Anyone interested in trading? I dont have sales perm so trade is only option, sorry.

More pics in cut.

Going to re-use the sellers description:

It's 15 inch tall, made of high quality minky and faux fur. Most of the parts are machine sewn, the eyes and paw pads are made of felt and hand sewn onto the body. It has plastic wrapped metal cords inside the body allowing it to stand.

Open to trades for anything, I paid about $100 for it so I'm hoping to trade for something of close or equal value if possible :)

Prefer to trade to users only in usa, for now, sorry.
Tags: lucario
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