Tsuko (kuitsuko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mysterious playsets?

Hello everybody, today I come to you with what I can only call a desperate plea for information. Many years ago I came across some Pokémon playsets (at least that's what I would call them) that I have never seen again. My own research has turned up nothing on the subject, and at this point, I just want confirmation of their existence so that I know I'm not imagining the whole thing!

While I'm not 100% certain, I believe that the playsets were produced by Matchbox. How many not-car things did they make? I found them in a store that I can't recall (Marc's or Ames, maybe?) I think this would've been about 1999/2000-ish. They weren't like the folding-style Pokémon House sets, and they included a couple of small figures, including a "secret" one which wasn't visible in the blister packaging. The specific Pokémon in my memory are Doduo, Koffing, and either Vulpix or Eevee. I think the sets came with three, including the secret one. I remember my mom and I purchasing a set for a friend's birthday, but I (unfortunately) didn't get one for myself.

So does any of this ring a bell to anyone here? I'm so sure that these were real, but I can never find anything about them. I'm usually pretty good at digging up info for myself, but this has been driving me nuts for years! Am I misremembering some key piece of information? Are they even real? Am I just really bad at researching this particular subject??

I'd be extremely grateful for any kind of input!

EDIT: Some kind members have confirmed that I was thinking of the Pokémon Micro Machines playsets! Thank you!! I am still curious about them if you have any more information, though!
Tags: 1st gen, figures
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