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My Pokemon Xmas! ~o^_^o~

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you all had fun and got wonderful gifts. :) I got quite a Pokemon haul. One, in particular, is a grail of mine and I literally FLIPPED out when I opened it. ^__^ I even have a vid of one of the plush I got.

Eeeee~!!!! <333 It's the HUGE PokePark Groudon plush! He's been a grail of mine ever since I laid eyes on him in a random Y!J lot months ago. He's so awesome! kaygee84 went all out this year. Seriously, wow! He got me a few Pika plush, too. That pic will be later.

Him next to my TOMY Groudon plush. In height, they are almost the same; but in width, the PokePark one wins hands down. ^_^ Damn, he's so big~! I needed that tin there to support him. He likes to topple over. ^^; Now I'm only missing the two Banpresto plush. I swear, I WILL complete my Groudon plush collection! *determined*

The four Pika plush I got! <3 The Xmas one on the right I got from my sister. Sadly, kaygee got me the same one. ^^; So, I'm gonna try to exchange one of them for another plush at Japan Video Games. The other three are from kaygee. =^^= Now I have a medium and small sized promo pissed Chu. Yay! ^_^ Below is a video of the Pika holding ornaments. They jingle and it's really cute. :3 I apologize for it being so dark. I used my digital camera, so it's not great. ^^;


Sorry for the blurry pic. I took a better pic, but the lights on the tree didn't show up. =/ These are all my Xmas plush. Well... okay, that's not entirely true. >.> My sister's boyfriend got me an Xmas Piplup plush. ^^;;; Now... how he got the idea that I wanted Piplup is beyond me. I think my sister got him to believe that I was collecting Pokemon Xmas plush, which I am not. If anything, I only collect Pika Xmas plush. Riolu was just too cute and I couldn't pass him up. :3 I only collect Pokemon I really like. While Piplup is cute, I don't collect it. I don't have a clue about what I'm gonna do with it. I'd like to sell it to you guys, but I'd feel bad. Her boyfriend is such a nice guy. ;_; I'll talk to my sis about it...

Also, here's a random item kaygee got in a lot he won on Y!J. ^^; We've dubbed it Inflatachu! XD He's official. Just really... random. ^^; Dunno where to put him.

Just for the hell of it, here's my kid collection. ^_^ I needed that display case in the back cuz I was losing space fast. Now it's more organized. Yay! :)

Thanks for looking guys! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! ^_^

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