sweetiesylveon (sweetiesylveon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Big Sylveon plush collection update! Hurray!

Last week was my birthday so I splurged on a bunch of Sylveon plushes as a gift to myself!

I ended up with 5 new plushes plus one given to me as a present.

Which pretty babies did I get~?

That's right! Three were from Y!Japan, one was a gift, and two were bought from Kitzune and Wobbuwhit here in this community. (Thank you so much btw!!)

New plushes means a new family photo, too! So here's an updated picture of the Sylveon plush family.

I'm getting so close to having all the Sylveon plushes released. I can taste it!

That's all for now though! Hopefully I get some more soon. c:
Tags: collection update, plush, sylveon
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