helaenaa (helaenaa) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Recent gets + small contest!

I've acquired some things for my small-but-growing collection lately, both from the community and outside that I'd like to share.

A few kid figures from my favorite pokemon as well as a Stunfisk Tomy. The Hoothoot and little Feebas figure are so tiny but they're adorable! I'm fairly positive that the Feebas from Bandai (Advance Series, 2004) and that it originally used to come with a base with some information about Feebas. I kind of like it witout the base actually!
The Raichu kuttari is just the most adorable thing ever... I don't plan on collecting Raichu but this little guy is everything I want in a plush, so cute and floppy and the little details are amazing, can't stop squeezing it ;o;


Aanyways. I also bought some pokemon cards, but I'll probably make a post about my collection once I've gotten around organizing it. Someday..
There's currently also a listing on Y!J that I'm reaaaally hoping to win, the price is pretty decent still, but there's another day left on the auction.. If I do win this amazing item I'll be sure to make a post about it to brag

As for the little contest... EDIT: the correct answer has been guessed (Xatu Pokemon Time Plush)

(if holding a contest like this is against the rules, please let me know)
I'm expecting a plush in the mail! The first person to guess which, I'll draw an aceo card/regular sized drawing for, with a pokemon of their choice. This will be a colored pencil drawing, the original artwork will obviously be sent to you.

Two little hints:
-It's a Pokemon time plush
-The Pokemon doesn't have any other official plushes from what I can gather

Welp, with the power of Google on your side, that shouldn't be too difficult!

I'm also still looking for a Magikarp Tomy figure. I'm in the Netherlands so I'd prefer to find a european/japanese seller to minimize shipping costs.

As long as it's in ~somewhat~ decent condition I'll be happy to buy it from you!
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