WhiteChocoHeart (whitechocoheart) wrote in pkmncollectors,

☆ DIY Litten Sock Plush + Discounted Sales~☆

Hiya everybody! ^u^ I hope all of you are having a great time collecting. :D And feeling the hype for Sun and Moon! ☆

This is a very simple, little post because I have been super busy as always. I wanted to let you know I still have plenty of super cheap plushies for sale in my sales;


Also, I am now offering this 12" Minky Shiny Ninetales plush for $65 shipped to the US!


Bigger picture under the cut~


Like I said earlier, I have been crazy busy! But as I have been told, I should continue doing things that I love, having some me-time, to avoid a meltdown. xD So, I made a tutorial on how to make a Litten Sock Plush and I really wanted to share it with all you collectors! ^u^ It will be a while before we'll get some official merch, so this might help all the Litten fans wait a bit. ;D Dedicated to all of you here in PKMNCOLECTORS. Let me know if you make one. n.n

Bye bye everyone! :3 Have funcollecting and gen 7 hyping! ♡
Tags: ninetales, plush, sales
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