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Funnel Cake's House of Wares

I've reduced prices on a bunch of items, added zukan, a Skymin Friends plush, as well as a bunch of those candy catcher refill tablets/candies and some sticker sheets.

As usual I'm looking for the newer Origin Forme kid in both normal and clear variations, the Another Forme card from DP5, and the Another Forme card from the DP6 Giratina vs Dialga set and will gladly trade most items in my sales post for these.

At the same time I've got a collection update too. :D I finally updated my Giratina collections on my site after putting it off because I always had something else coming. XD I also added the Spiritomb Pokedoll I recent bought too.

As a bit of backstory, I kept seeing the TOMY Another Forme plush on E-Bay but it was always too expensive, then one seller had them for about $60, and I jumped on the chance to get one. However I kept being told "No, that's way too expensive." or "They're using a stock image and say it's 10 inches tall, how do you know it's the plush you want? :\" Then they stopped showing up on E-Bay so I was disappointed.

Last night as I was helping Mom put presents under the tree I noticed two larger boxes for me. One I already knew was something she had got that wasn't pokemon related but the other seemed too small to be either of the larger items I wanted. I commented on that and Mom just shrugged it off.

In the morning the first present I opened was the larger mystery one and to my surprise, it was the plush! :D

(this be my brother's room, not mine, lol)
Cotton Candy: :D

Cotton Candy: Something is following me. >.>

Cotton Candy: Why hello there Dialga. 8U
Dialga Pokedoll: NO. :|

Cotton Candy: There you guys are. :D
Funnel Cake: Now there literally isn't any room for anyone else. Go away.

Cotton Candy: Wait, then where do I go?
Amber: Uh... I don't know, I have no room for large items on my desk now. .___.;;;

Who cares, I've got my last Giratina plush. :)
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