toketsuhana (toketsuhana) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Gets and a Quick Question!

Hi everyone! I hope collecting is going well for you all! I just got a package from the, so I figured I'd share! I also have a super quick question!

So here's everything I got altogether! I received a Mew pokedoll, Cyndaquil and Totodile Secret Base pokedolls, and a sleepy kuttari Jolteon! Totodile looks like he just wants a hug! ^w^

Isn't he a cutie?! I love the Secret Base style.

Cyndaquil's little happy face is so precious.. Now I just need Chikorita to complete the trio!

That huge head! Eeek! So cute!!

And last but not least, a sleepy l'il Jolteon! He can nap right on top of my Jolteon pokedoll.

As for my question, I was wondering if anyone knows any good methods for stacking plush. As you can see, my shelves are pretty deep, so even if I just stack my plushies on top of one another, a whole lot of shelf space goes unused. So, is there a way to raise the plushies in back so I can put some in front and stack them so all the plushies are visible? Sorry if this is super confusing.. '^_^

Thanks for reading everyone, and happy collecting!
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