vulpes_canis (vulpes_canis) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Super Fun Swap Get!

Hi everyone!
It's been awhile since my last post but I have been very busy at school finishing up my final year, I actually graduated from College yesterday! And it's been pretty crazy getting everything packed and coming home, but what did I find waiting on my bed the day I got home? My swap packages from latias_latios_7 and faleepai Hooray!

Ohh what could they be?

Let's start with the package from Latias, look at all the cute wrapping paper!

Yay gummy lifesavers! These are definately one of my favorites!

And then... Oh wow! look at these cuties! they look absolutely awesome! I love the design of the older sprites! And they turned out soo cute!

And the last package had some super cute Jolteon and Vapreon stickers and buttons ^w^

Thank you so much latias_latios_7 I love my pearler sprites I can't wait to find them a new home in my collection! and thanks again for hosting the swap!

Onto package number 2! this one is from faleepai I was super excited and forgot to take pictures, but I did take an overall shot of everyone!

So many fire puppies! look at all the cute grumpy pups! The heart gold/soul silver sprites are soo cute I love them! HG is one of my favorite of the pokemon games, I love the following pokemon mechanic! Thank you faleepai My fire pup collection hasexpanded so much thanks to you!

Thank you both so much! It really was the icing on the cake to come home to such awesome packages waiting for me!
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