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Identification of taffeta Pikachu plush?

Hey y'all, I've had this peculiar plush forever--my cousin gave it to me as a gift around 2001 or so. I have never seen this plush anywhere else before except for one old post on PKMNcollectors that I'm using the pictures from until I manage to take pictures of mine when I return home soon. (Sorry that this may be bad manners! I just really want to identify this plush.)
The tag says "(c)1998 Nintendo, CREATURE, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku Licensed by Medialink International Limited." It's manufactured from "Lucky Well International Ltd," if that also helps.

It seems he's made of taffeta although there isn't a specific material named on the tush tag. I'm thinking that he may be a Mirage Plush, but I'm not entirely sure. He could also be a bootleg, perhaps, but I don't have the expertise on these things. I'd appreciate any pointers and help from the community! This has stumped me for years.
Tags: mirage plush, pikachu
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