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collection overview and question

hey hey hey!
I am fully aboard the gen 7 hype right now! I'm in love with rowlet and I never go for the grass type but owls are my absolute favourite so it looks like i'll be breaking the habit of a lifetime with this one!
firstly I saw these on the pokemon jp site ( )
as I don't own and iphone I always miss out on the cute pokemon cases but I saw that these came in a universal version as well. I'm wondering if anyone knows where I may be able to purchase these or if anyone is able to get hold of any at all ?? I'm unsure of a release date I think it just said mid may.

also I thought I would share a collection overview now that I have gotten quite a few more gets, see below the cut

I have serious ocd problems with keeping them colour coordinated, the rainbow has to work just right or I have to organise them again haha

My pikachu collection has exploded lately, there is just too many dressed up and female pikachus coming out <3

soon the eevee twinkle dreams kuji prizes will be joining as well, I don't have the space!! I got a set of the A prize and Last one pikachu but may end up selling the boy pikachu because of space.

apart from my main collection I have my poke nendoroids, which are some of my favourite purchases ever!

I can not wait for the release of the red and green set and that it comes with a mew is even more perfect!!

thanks for reading :)
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