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Quick sales

Hey all! Just doing some spring cleaning and trying to make room for more merch

All pkmncollectors rules apply.
I was granted sales permission July 8, 2015 by SKDarkDragon. My feedback can be found here.
Prices listed are in USD, before shipping and fees.
Paypal only. Send in USD and as "Goods & Services".
I can hold items for up to 24 hours if you're committed.
Let me know if you think you'll need more time than this early on. Just don't let me know at the last minute.
Quotes are good for 24 hours after my reply or 12 hours if someone else commits to that item.
If you don't reply back within that time frame, the item is open up to others. I would like to know if you're not interested rather than not getting a reply.
No haggling unless it says OBO. I may refuse if it's too low or someone else is willing to pay full price.
I have two dogs which come into my room but on request I can clean or lint roll anything

Hydregion plamo - 10 (i still have the box and pikachu, more pictures can be provide on request) SOLD

meowth kyun mip - 12
pikachu kyun - 7

New tomy umbreon: 7
velbola torchic: 3 (pretty worn)
minky piplup: 5 (small stain on forhead)

pokemon movie 6 bag - 7

kyurem plamo model kit mip - 17
tomy stickers - 3
151 mini poster - .50 or free with purchase
budew pokemon time bookmark - LOOKING TO TRADE FOR A GARCHOMP BACKGROUND

flareon ex (x2) - 5
slyveon ex - 3 SOLD
lucario ex - 7
ninetales ex - 5 TRADED
mega guardivoir ex - 2.50 SOLD
shiny mega garados ex - 2.50 SOLD

Mew hat - 40 obo (really dont know the price on this, im basing it on ebay price)
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