SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Back to this Community after sick bay + reintroduction!

Hi there! How I have missed taking part of this community, it was been half of a year!
But it's for the best if I reintroduce myself: my name's Ana Ilda, I'm an illustrator and crafter from Portugal, joined in pkmncollectors three years ago. During all the time, I couldn't ever collect any sort of merchandising due to finantial issues which today still persist, make me even unable to get a 3DS, something long-time desired. Sun & Moon and Yo-kai Watch 2 aren't making it any easier :3

All I could to contribute to this great place was granting crafting commissions, particularly, handmade keychains. Ever since I've joined, I've crafted around 150 keychains by now, a bit across the globe, all unique and diversed according the liking of every buyer. That's a work I'm proud to have elaborate for many people but also it was the responsible for serious wrist damage which forced me to call quits after delivering the last bundle of commissions until full recovery for 6 months.

Which is now! I'm fully healed and already back to business! I expect to make a return to the custom keychain commissions next week with several improvements and brand new free offers related to Gen VII among them!

I hope everyone is doing alright! I've recognized several members in these last submitted posts and glad to see your passion on your collections keep strong as always!

Team Litten over here though is prone to change (cuz evolution is the last judgement lol)

See you around!
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