ghostykins (ghostykins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

recent gets - and still searching!

hello everyone~ I just thought I'd share a couple of gets from the past week or so.

last week I went to the antique mall that I mentioned in a previous post, and I found a few gems including this whiscash:

I love him so much! *0* he has poseable whiskers and is in overall great condition. he has one minor stain on his front, but I didn't even notice for a while. his tag is in near-perfect condition also~

yesterday's trip (to the same place) led to me taking home this thing:

I don't collect spheal but I couldn't resist ;o; he's so goofy-looking.

finally, the last thing I got at the antique store was this cutie:

he's what appears to be an old talking palm figure, which surprised me because I always thought palm figures were a more recent thing.

also, my grandma got me this for graduation:

I was super excited that his cap and gown matched my school's colors :> he's perfect!

also, I am still frantically looking for this plush:

this is the last sylvie I need before my plush collection is complete ;o; it's the 2013 "trick pose" plush. if you or someone you know is selling one (preferably MWT), PLEASE let me know!~

thanks for looking~*~*~
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