triplewipe45 (triplewipe45) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long time no see!

Hey everyone, I've been lurking for the last year or so, but I haven't posted much of anything, so I wanted to reintroduce myself. I am Dii! I mostly collect Goomy and Raichu, but lately I have started collecting Diglett, Ditto, and sleeping Kuttari plushes. I mostly enjoy collecting plushes, but I have some figures here and there. I'm also planning on collecting Rowlet, too, and I am so excited to see what else comes out in gen 7!

I'm mostly here because I absolutely adore seeing people's collections; nothing makes me happier than shelves (or rooms, or houses) full of Pokemon merchandise. That's probably why I lurk more than I post.

That being said, here's my collections!

Top shelf is Pokemon Center plushes. Next shelf down is Ditto and Diglett (I am making room for the sleeping Ditto!). Next down is Goomy; I haven't added anything new to this collection for awhile, but I am making room for new things. Next is Substitute and Raichu, with some Pikachu. Next is Pokedolls, and then below that is starter Pokemon, which I seemed to have accidentally began collected. Below that, is misc. plushes and figures, including a custom Wooper. And along the sides are my keychain plushes!

Beside all those? Well... That's my beloved Kumamon. He's not a Pokemon, but I can't photograph my Pokemon collections without Kumamon showing up, because he's right next to them.

Where are my Kuttaris, you ask? Right here!

I plan on collecting all the sleepy ones, except Lucario and Croagunk because I'm not big on them, oops. They're all US so far, and I'm more than fine with that, since that's easier for me to get (thank you, Pokemon Center machines!).

Thanks for looking, I love you all!
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