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Some recent gets

I've aqcuired a few plushies lately that I'd like to share with the community..

First of all this little guy, it's the Drifloon Throw ball plush and it's absolutely adorable, so tiny and squishyyy. I really kinda like Drifloon, this is my first Drifloon plush but I want to at least get the Canvas Drifloon as well someday.

Aaaand this amazing little thing I got in the mail yesterday, was bought on Y!J, in my last post I mentioned that I was expecting him. He's in pretty decent condition but the vinyl on one of his wings has a little dent or something and the white minky isn't as white as it could be, probably just dust but I might try and clean him up a little. He has magnets in his wings so he can hold them together, pretty cute! I'll definitely be making a Natu plush to keep him company and I might try my hand at making a Xatu as well (since I plan on doing a Hoothoot and Noctowl as well, and I always think of Hoothoot/Natu line as set for some reason? Don't know why haha)

The art on his tag is adorable, gotta love that Pokemon Time style.

I also bought a sleeping Slowpoke kuttari but I forgot to take a seperate picture orz.

Aaand here they're all together, chilling with my King 'Karp

Aaaand with the new starters released I got the opportunity to make my favorite of the lot into a plush, I've seen some amazing plushies of the new starters on here so I figure I'd share my rendition, find out which starter I'll choose under the cut..

Rowlet! Really seems to be the most popular starter, right? It's funny, a week before the starters were released I decided that Hoothoot is my favorite bird Pokemon because it's round and it's an owl, what's not to love... and then Rowlet becomes a thing aww. I think Hoothoot is still my favorite though. ;o;
Anyways, Rowlet was made of minky and stands about 7 inches high. The teal colour I used for his bowtie appears blue on some people's monitors for some reason, but in reality it's... well, teal. xD

Some more pictures..

That's all for now, have a nice weekend everyone! :D
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