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Today's gets!

Hi all!

So, this is one of my first proper posts. Joined a month or so ago, but I've crazy busy with work and illnesses and personal dramas (don't worry, nothing major). But today I went and collected 5 parcels from the Post Office, so pretty exciting! Thought some of you lot might be interested. :)

What could it be??? Proper pics under the cut. :)

(Well, I really hope there is a cut because it's not showing up in preview mode but I've tried typing it and using the buttons so I'm just gonna cross my fingers and see what happens...) Oh thank goodness it works

First box! Minun is much cuter than I thought he'd be! Love the MPC plushes so much, they're so soft and perfectly small.

Second box. A4 folders and some random plushes. Gligar is so small and cute, Manaphy is much bigger than I thought and Eevee is kind of derpily adorable. XD

Third box. Cushions! Tbh these weren't really planned. I knew they were coming but they just came free with the rest of the stuff. Not really sure what to do with them, where to put them, whether I should even keep them....they are cute though.

Fourth box. Clothing! Wasn't sure how well everything would fit but thought I'd risk it and really glad I did! Gengar is awesome, and a bit baggy in a Gengar-shaped way but fits fine and looks really cool, Espeon/Umbreon hoodie fits perfectly, t-shirts I knew would fit BUT didn't know which ones I'd get, and socks fit fine too.

I got Glaceon and Flareon! Tbh I would have been happy with any of them, but I already had a Leafeon one so glad I didn't get a double.

Fifth and final box. I'm not really a selfie kind of person but this guy is hard to photograph because of his funny pose and because he's so fricking big!

And these were also in the Mudkip box. :)

Aaand that's all for today.

Euffy x
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