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Pika gets (2) & more + Mega towel

Hey! Once again, I got a lot of Pikachu this month ^^

And let's start with a very special one that I got thanks to gaarasyami
The first surprise was that I received it in the PokémonCenterOnline box shown above. This box is so nice! And even the tape is modelled on Pikachu :3 I definitely love the Japanese sense of detail!
So the treasure hidden in this box was none other than ITS'DEMO Pikaboy cushion <3

I was rather sad for having missed it the first time (I didn't know it would be so limited). Thus, when they announced a re-release, I knew I had to take this opportunity!
I had not enough money to get the pair, so I chose the male version because of the lovely Love Ball <3

Speaking about the Pokémon Center Online, I got the second set of freebies: these beautiful mugs.

My favorite is the yellow one because of the Clefairy Pokédolls ^-^

I finally purchased the last two Monthly Pikachu that I missed to complete the set.

Very cute like all the series :3 Now I still have to collect the Monthly Pair series even if I'm a little disappointed by two points: the smaller size and the too similar design to the first set.

Then two big laying Pikachu :)

I love the Onemuri <3 So huge and squishy! And I'm really happy to own it now, because I had missed it twice as I was always postponing its purchase (> <)
The Ichiban Kuji "Music Party" prize is rather big. I was expecting it to be about the size of the 2014 Nesoberi one. But it's actually bigger :o

More Pikachu lottery prizes

I really love the second Nebukuro set because of the different faces.
So the family is growing :3

And as you can see, I got James & Meowth G.E.M. figures.
Team Rocket gets together!

Items from the "Lizardon Night" series.

As you may have noticed, I used some towels as background for the Pika gets. The plushies are really cool!

As a Shiny Hunter, I obviously needed the Shiny Mega Gardevoir plush!

I'm so in love with its colors <3 Very awesome! And I'm so grateful when they release Shiny Pokémon merch which are not lottery prize x)

I finally decided to buy some of the Pokémon 20th Anniversary plushies. Actually, I hurried up when I realized that Mew was on the verge to be sold out lol

The start of the Pokémon20 tower ^^

On the top, I decided to paint in black the frame of my cork board. It highlights the PokeBox charms and pin's :)

Unfortunately I still miss the Houndoom bookmark :(

And last but not least, the Mega Rayquaza lottery bath towel!

It is so huge! (90 x 135 cm) I've wanted it since I knew about it! And after having let two of them gone, I finally found a third one (about a month later) that I couldn't miss. I'm not really a TCG collector, but I love the art and I'm planning to use this towel to hide/protect the Dragon corner (which is still not built lol).

I'm really happy of what I received this month ^-^
Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed :)

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