mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mysterious sender ?

Hi to all

this may look strange post . but i was asking about Hoenn starters SP from Tomy before a week maybe
and iv been told i can get it from the Mega Pack (4 figure + stone) ..

and because of that i searched for it ..and i found it on ebay only and made it in watch list (i did not purchase it)

but i do not rememeber purchasing it from the community (on my paypal account it is not shown also)

today while am working on my office .. i received it !

did any one from the community send it ? if yes could you contact me ..

and is there away to know who send it ?
on the carton  just stamps from Taiwan so it is from Taiwan and my address written on it
. with china Postage also and a tracking number that i do not have it in my purchase list ..

i feel like i look stupid posting this .. but i really want to know ..
I also think that maybe a seller from ebay mixed things up and am wondring which one .. lol

Thanks :)
Tags: blaziken
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