arisamon (arisamon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

quick collection update!

Hello i have finally finally unpacked alot of stuff at my new house and updated my collection shelves!

here is a pic of my main collections on my bookshelves (click for a larger image):

As you can see my main collections are latios, snivy, sylveon, snorlax/ munchlax, and samurai blue pikachu! my samurai blue collection s the one that is the most complete right now haha. I will be posting a more detailed collection update later... but in the mean time lmk what you think of my set up here? ^_^ also does anyone else happen to have a samurai blue pikachu collection? i would lov to compare~

also, i have a kid figure sale going on in my store!
click the image or here to be transported!


thank you all for reading! :D
Tags: collection, sales
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