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TCG Wants

Hey all, glad to see this place is still kicking!

I recently organized all my old cards and couldn't believe how many I had! I filled up an entire 2" binder (9x25 sleeves) just with Generation 1! So while I wait for another binder to get here I'd like to fill out what I'm missing from the first three sets, since those are what I seem to have the most of.

Here is all I'm missing from Base, Jungle, and Fossil but if you have a sales post or something with lots of cards for sale I'd love to see them!

- 09 Magneton [Holo]
- 12 Ninetales [Holo]
- 01 Clefable [Holo] (I have this one actually but it's all messed up =P)
- 06 Mr. Mime [Holo]
- 08 Pidgeot [Holo]
- 09 Pinsir [Holo]
- 15 Vileplume [Holo]
- 18 Electrode
- 20 Jolteon
- 23 Nidoqueen
- 25 Pinsir
- 31 Vileplume
- 32 Wigglytuff
- 02 Articuno [Holo]
- 04 Dragonite [Holo]
- 07 Hitmonlee [Holo]
- 11 Magneton [Holo]
- 13 Muk [Holo]
- 14 Raichu [Holo]
- 23 Hypno
- 25 Lapras
- 28 Muk
- 30 Zapdos

And just so this isn't a giant wants post here's a quick pic of my Zukan collection! (Click for full size.)

Not the prettiest angle, I know. Missing my legendaries and a few others.

Just as last time I'm still looking for a base and peg for my Heracross as well as a replacement for my Kadabra (He's missing his tail the poor thing!). Thank you to those of you who sold me my new favorites, the Arbok piece and the Sandshrew line! I don't have an Ekans or base for Arbok though, so add that to the list of things I'm looking for.

Stay cool! Thanks for looking!
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