Amber (jarshaarashi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush identification help?

Hello all :)

I recently purchased this Pikachu mini plush, thanks to a tip from nefhithiel. They have the same plush (or what I thought was the same one) but they described the plush as having blue text on the tush tag, and having come out around the time X&Y were released. However, I got this one in the mail and it actually is a newer plush (maybe a re-release?) I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this plush. Here's some pictures:

Is anyone familiar with this guy? What strikes me odd is that the 3 on the 2013 portion of the tush tag is a different font... I find it kind of odd Dx

Any help would be much appreciated ^_^ thanks for reading!
Tags: gets, pikachu
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