Princess ♔ (princessharumi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Princess ♔

Lots of Gets ♡ New Sales ♡ Lowered Prices

Finally stopped being lazy enough to make this gets post c:

But before that I added 2 new things to my sales

oooooh what could they be ~

I'll be going to the post office tomorrow afternoon so today is a good day to make some purchases if you want your items shipped this week c: Click the banner to go to my shop !

The Twinkle Dream Kuji was actually super surprisingly easy for me to complete, everything was absolutely gorgeous it was hard for me not to collect everything besides Sylveon ! And as a super awesome bonus I managed to get a cardboard poster of the Kuji too !

It's really cool and I was actually aiming to try and get some promotional poster or something of it, this will definitely do !

I also got a bunch of the Neco Dolce items, I actually only need 4 more things to complete this collection. This promo was also super cute, I love the designs of all the Pokemon and the hoodie is marvelous too !

And last but not least I also got one of those cute new Pokemon Center pillows ! The art is really charming, I'm happy to have this on my bed now c:

And as always there's my Sylveon collection site ! I'm currently working on updating it now as we speak, so many new things to add !

Thanks for looking and have a great week !
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