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two quick sales and a tcg dilemma.

Hello, my dears~

I have two items I'd like to part with- one was an impulse buy, and the other hasn't been used due to Personal Health Reasons. Stock photos are being provided atm, until I can get home and link my own. <3

I was granted sales permission on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched as 'soulsalight', and my current feedback is below~


The first item is a Ditto Transform! Gengar Plush. It went straight from the bag onto a shelf, and I think someone else would be happier with it. Shipping will be free for this, as I only send out in the US. I'm asking $20 for him.  sold!

and then...

The second item is from the Chiku Chiku Sewing promo, the travel sized sewing kit. This sucker is small, it fits in the palm of my hand, and comes with a tiny pair of scissors and a few notions. However, my hands shake too much lately for me to sew, and I've yet to use the kit. If anyone is really curious as to the size, I can provide a picture next to a pokemon kid figure later. Again, shipping is free- I only ship in the US- and I'm asking $25 for this.

Now as for my tcg dilemma...

...I have a smoosh over 600 never played, but possibly gently used, cards (nieces and nephews can't be trusted too well...). I've taken the time to list out how many of each base type I have, then by rarity. Over at my personal journal, I'm taking offers until Sunday for the content of this box of potential win- most groups of cards start at 4 due to the amounts there of, and this could be good for deck building? IDK WORDS. 
Tags: gengar, pikachu, sales, tcg
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