lascivapeluche (lascivapeluche) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Presentation and Mega-Audino plush !

Hi ! My name is Camille, and I go by Lasciva, peluchière ! I'm a french plushie-maker.
I began to make plushie about more than a year ago. It was almost Christmas, and I was looking online to buy myself some pokémon plushies. I found a huge Lapras plush that I never saw before. After reading the decription I understood that the girl holding it MADE it. At that moment I realised that we can MAKE plushies (don't ask me what I was thinking before, I got no ideas.) I read lots of tutorials on internet, and finally decided to go buy some fabrics and give it a go. And since then I never stopped ! I'm learning and improving with each plushie I make and I love to challenge myself with huge complex projects.
I recently finished a big cuddly Mega-Audino and I wanted to share it with you !
So here a small picture of her and under the cut more pics !

Also, this is my first post, I hope I am not breaking any rules.


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