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It's been a little while! Sales reopen (kinda) and...a question!

Hey everyone!

I'm home from college (and have been for the past week and a half). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to bring my collection with me. It is all in boxes stored at my friend's house and there it will stay for the time being. I did, however, manage to have my box containing all my sales stuff shipped to me.

That said, I am able to open my sales post again but with a bit of a caveat.

Shipping will be very slow. I will be able to ship on Tuesdays only (and possibly some Fridays). This will also go for taking pictures of things - I will most likely be only be able to do that only a couple of times per week. I actually have not opened my box yet (will do that soon) but it looks like everything arrived safely. I will obviously double check that when I do open the box. I apologize but please bear with me if you would like to buy something from my sales! (I'm basically done planning my trip to Japan so anything you buy would help fund my trip and would be greatly appreciated!)

And now...time for a somewhat important question that I'd like to ask. Since I'm home for good back in New Jersey, and considering that there's NYC nearby (including Nintendo World)...and since I know there are quite a few fellow Pokemon lovers in the area...I was wondering...would there be a chance any of you guys would be interested in meeting up sometime?! :O

Just getting feelers out there, but if people are interested, I would be so, so down for a meetup!!

All right, that's all. Thanks for reading, as always :)
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