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Welcome back, Charmander

So, let me tell you all a little story...

... back then, in the year 2000, a little 9 year old girl started her very first Pokemon journey. Her first Pokemon was a yellow little mouse called Pikachu who didn't wanna go into its Pokeball. But it didn't wanna leave her, and followed her step by step. After a while, she saw it smiling for the first time, and was very happy. She also caught a Pidgey, who grew to a majestic Pidgeotto, and a little Caterpie, who had become a beatiful Butterfree. She helped her beat the first Gym leader, Brock. Mount Moon was scary and dark, but the team made it through, and the fresh warm air and sunlight when they finally stepped outside felt awesome. In Cerulean city, a nice lady gave the little girl a new member of her team: a Bulbasaur.

On route 24, she met a strange trainer who didn't wanna battle. He just sat there, looking sad, and a little distressed. When she went ahead and talked to him he said: "I'm not good at raising Pokémon. I should release my Charmander because I haven't raised it well... If you promise me you'll care for it, it's yours." Of course the little girl promised to take good care of the little new friend.

That's how the little girl and Charmander became friends...

After a while, though, the girl went away, and Charmander and her didn't see each other for a long time.

But 16 years later, something arrived in the mail...

When she saw this, she almost started to cry because she knew what it was. She had promised to take good care of her friend, but she had lost him somewhere on the way of growing up, of finishing school and starting university. She had started searching for her old friend, but couldn't find him. Now, he had come back to her. After all these years.

Of course, that girl is me!

I am sure you recognize what it is?
This is very special to me! Please take a look <3

Welcome to your new home, my little friend! <3 :') I missed you...

Okay, so there is a reason for why I wrote down that little story above. My first Pokemon game was Yellow, and Charmander has been my favorite Pokemon ever since I was a child! I remember it so well, getting that Charmander from the trainer above Cerulean city. He was my favorite! And he would always reach his final evolution and become an awesome Charizard first. He was the most beloved memer of my team!

As a little child, one of my biggest wishes was to have a Charmander plush. But my parents didn't want to get me one. I was devastated. Finally, they gave in. But they couln't find a Charmander :( So I got a Jigglypuff.
Ever since, it has been a dream to have a Charmander plush. I wrote that the girl and her Charmander didn't see each other for a long time. When I grew up, I wasn't interested in Pokemon as much anymore. When I went back to Pokemon an started collecting, my dream of owning a Charmander plush came true because I became a Charmander collector :)

Do you know that chilhood dream of Pokemon becoming real??
I already have two Charmaner pillow plush. They are almost like real 1:1 Charmanders, and i love them. But when the Pokemon Center lifesize starters for Pokemon's 20th anniversary were released, it felt special. It was not like all the other plush, it was perfect. I felt as if I suddenldy was a child again.

Then, a few months ago, maybe some of you remember, I made a post on the community because I was not sure whether I should wait for a preowned Charmander since these are my ethical principles when buying Pokemon merch. I almost craved and bought a new one, but then finally, I did see a Charmander in the sales post of one of my awesome friends on the community...

starrypurrloin, I can't thank you enough for this. ;_; YOU MADE A DREAM COME TRUE FOR ME!! You are seriously the most awesome person ever for giving your Charmander to me.
And yes, he was also the one who included this awesome adoption card shown in the beginning! When I saw this, my heart warmed right up. It feels so personal and reminded me so much of back then, when I also adopted that little Charmander on route 24.

And now, this little friend is finally mine! <33 I can't express how utterly happy I am, this means soooooo much to me! THIS IS PERFECT.

Cudos to you if you made it through this wall of text lol.
But now, let's share a few more pictures of my BEST FRIEND IN THE POKEMON UNIVERSE <333

He is so incredibly soft! When I first touched him, I was hooked on how soft and squishy he was! Just look at this cute face <33
And yes, he is absolutely huge! :O

Here he is together with one of my pillow Charmanders:

I love both of these plush to be honest. I like the face of the liesize one far better than the pillow plush's. However, I love the pillow's chunky feet and squishiness. The lifesize one is softer though. And of course, it is overall just super special because it was released for such a special occasion, and since he was released by the Pokemon Center it was as if he had come from the Pokemon world itself, they finally did it. They said yes. They wanted to bring him to life!

Here he is with my other lifesize plush, Elliot the Treecko <3 Just look at them!! *w*

And last but not least, of course I had to take a new photo of all of my Charmander plushies together in one place! The new Charmander really makes it look so awesome and complete! I love my little orange family with all my heart <33 It makes me feel so happy and warm inside when I look at this :) (and not just because Charmander is a fire Pokemon :D)

I will cherish and love this little friend with all my heart forever.

We're back together at last.

Thanks so much for reading and watching. :)

PS: Also, Charmander doesn't have a name yet :O And I am so bad at names. I never named my Pokemon as a child either. Should I give him a name? Or just name him Chrmander? If I shoul name him, I'll gladly listen to any suggestions :)
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