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PokeStudios Lucario + Steel Customs

So about three months ago I asked about an interesting Lucario figure I found while browsing Taobao. Despite the risk of receiving something of low quality I decided to purchase one anyway. I finally got it today and wanted to post what I think as well as a couple pictures of it. I also wanted to post about the steel customs I got a while back. I apologize in advance for the pictures. It's cloudy and I didn't feel like setting up the lightbox.

If anyone was wondering what took so long...............
I ordered the figure early March (a few days after my initial post) and it arrived to the warehouse fairly quickly. I immediately paid for shipping when it arrived but dotdotbuy contacted me letting me know they cancelled the shipment and initiated a chargeback on it because part of the figure was broken upon inspection. So this whole time I've basically been waiting on a replacement figure. >_>

Anyway! Here's the giant box with Lucario pokedoll for size comparison. The figure came packaged inside bubble wrap that was then packaged inside styrofoam which explains why the box is so big (I guess). I had dotdotbuy add some extra padding for maximum protection. I didn't want to have waited all this time just for the figure to get damaged on its way to me.

The figure comes in two pieces; stand and figure. I found that a little surprising as I was expecting Lucario's body and head to be separate parts.

Here's the stand. It's ok. I personally find it kinda boring compared to some of their previous figures (Lugia and Mewtwo). That aside it looks really nice and has a pretty gradient effect. I did notice two of the larger rocks appear to have small spots where there's bits of paint missing but it's a minor issue that I only noticed upon close inspection. It's probably an easy fix but I won't be attempting it. Not after the white nail polish incident. *shudders* The base of the stand is in pretty rough shape (scratches, etc.). Since that part isn't visible I don't mind too much.

Here's Lucario! He also features a gradient for both his blue and yellow fur. There's a bit of paint bleeding on one of his pawprints and where his yellow torso meets his black arm bands. There also appears to be a small crack on his tail close to where it meets his butt. Luckily none of these things are visible from the front. He has one tiny spot of glue on his thigh. I could probably get that off but eh. All minor issues, he still looks really good.

And here's the whole thing put together. I'm pretty sure this is the most dynamic figure I have of Lucario. Overall I'd say I'm satisfied.

Lastly here are the steel customs I mentioned. Through browsing I got introduced to Steel Unique Shop and immediately decided I wanted to have something custom made. The sharp class necklace and Riolu pokedoll pendant were made at the same time a few months back. A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted a Noibat necklace in the same style as the sharp class. After a bit of tinkering with the official artwork I had it made as well. I'm working on a Riolu in the same style but it's taking a lot longer. I might just have to commission artwork for Riolu lol. Despite how the pictures look all of these are silver.

I guess I'll throw in sales plug. ---------> Click here!
I'm still looking for the items I mentioned in my last post; Bandai Monferno Figure, Noibat Chupa, MWT Pansage Pokedoll, MWT Panpour Pokedoll, and a Pansage Retsuden. Additionally I'm semi looking for a few Riolu plushies without tags. Mainly the Canvas Plush, Christmas Plush, Sitting Tomy, Standing Jakks, and a Pokedoll.
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