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Charms Pick Ups!

Hi guys! Long time no see... I've finally graduated college, so hopefully I can get everything together soon and do a big update. :'D

The main subject of this entry:

**Charms Pick Ups!**

The Pokemon Center recently restocked EVERY Pokemon charm set on its online store!

We're offering a pick up service for any charm sets you may need! Take a look here: (Check the last few pages to see which sets are sold out.)

Click the cut to see pricing and info!

-Payment is in USD and by PayPal only. Payment is expected right away or within 24 hours. Please reply to comments stating you have paid so I can mark you as such!
Please only reply if you are 100% commited. If you don't pay within 24 hours, we will consider the order canceled and take you off the list.
-Shipping is from Japan, and we ship worldwide.
-I am posting this as a staff member of Sunyshore Pokemart. I am handling inquiries and orders, while Gin will pick up and ship your order. We've completed 16,000 orders since 2006! You can check feedback here as well.
-You may send inquiries through email if you wish: [@] gmail [.] com

Convert each charm as $1 = 100 yen, then round up to the next $0.50 marker.
EX: 154 yen -> $1.54 -> rounded up = $2
299 yen -> $2.99 -> rounded up = $3
432 yen -> $4.32 -> rounded up = $4.50

Feel free to ask if you aren't sure!

Then, figure out your one time commission fee:
1-5 Sets: $5
6-10 Sets: $10
11-20 Sets: $15
21-50 Sets: $20
50+ Sets: Case-by-case pricing

EX: Bulbasaur line charms ($4.50), Vulpix line charms ($3), Farfetch'd charm ($2) = $9.50 +$5 fee (3 total sets) = $14.50

Shipping is through AirMail. EMS is an additional $9.
1-3 Sets: $3.50
4-5 Sets: $5.50
6-10 Sets: $7.50
11-15 Sets: $11.50
16-20 Sets: $15.50
21-26 Sets: $18.50
27+ Sets: EMS only; to be determined on case-by-case basis.

Please ask any questions if you need clarification!

1. nasija: Furfrou set PAID
2. munnaluv: Sableye, Spinda PAID
3. diamondphantom: Pikachu line, Nidoran F line, Mew, Kyurem PAID
4. m14mouse: Weedle line, Zigzagoon line, Sudowoodo line PAID
5. emeraz: Dunsparce, Kecleon, Cyndaquil line PAID
6. nadoki65: Sentret line, Zigzagoon line PAID
7. absol: Growlithe line, Houndour line, Smeargle, Cobalion, Absol PAID
8. leashedragon: Vulpix line, Growlithe line, Eevee line, Dratini line, Houndour line, Suicune, Lugia, Absol, Shinx line, Litwick line, Reshiram set, Litleo line, Noibat line, Poochyena line PAID
9. deadbomb: Wailmer line, Drifloon line, Squirtle line, Rotom set PAID
10. distant_cry: Eevee line PAID
11. tallie_chan: Sableye, Chatot, Ho-oh, Wingull line PAID
12. kriscarmi: Charmander line, Vulpix line, Magmar line, Cyndaquil line, Slugma line, Entei, Ho-Oh, Torchic line, Numel line, Torkoal, Chimchar line, Heatran, Castform set, Rotom set, Volcanion, Squirtle line, Victini, Tepig line, Pansear line, Darumaka line, Litwick line, Larvesta line, Reshiram set, White Kyurem set PAID
13. magmanerd: Numel line, Groudon PAID
14. pufferfish123: Pidgey line, Onix line, Magikarp line, Eevee line, Chikorita line, Cyndaquil line, Sentret line, Mareep line, Marill line, Hoppip line, Misdreavus line, Corsola, Suicune, Lugia, Zigzagoon line, Kyogre, Piplup line, Dialga, Audino PAID
15. peppermmints: Drifloon line, Suicune, Entei, Raikou PAID

And just a reminder that Sunyshore is always stocking new Pokemon Center releases! We've recently added the upcoming Skytree opening goods and other plushies to our site~

Thank you everyone!!!
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