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Re-Intro! 2-year collection update and GRAIL GETS!

Hey everyone!

Today marks the 2nd year that I've been with the comm ^^ and I thought it was appropriate to do a re-intro~

First of all, I changed my username! TL;DR I wanted to keep my hobbys (like collecting) and my professional life separate, so I needed a username separate from my other stuff. I used to be nosidamsucram, but now, I  go byhellgarr C:

Second, here's a short bio~
I'm Maddy :D I live in New York, and I'm mainly a plush collector. I joined the comm about 2 years ago after hearing about it on Tumblr. I've been seriously collecting for probably about 4 years now? I honestly can't remember ^^; but what I do know for sure is that after joining the comm, my collection expanded a ton! What used to take up just a small corner of my bedroom, now takes over 2 full bookcases, a small cabinet and a good part of my floor xD

My main collections are Charizard-Line, Houndoom-Line, and Greninja-Line! I also have side collections of the Sceptile-Line, Nidoran-Line, and Latis. So without further adieu, here's my current set up:

Sorry for the crap quality D:

You can view more on my collection site!

And now for my GRAIL GETS :D

I recently graduated college, so I figured it was an appropriate time to finally purchase a small grail of mine >:D

TA-DA! Here he is! Charmander PlushPlush :O


I've had my eye on this guy's eBay listing for a while. I waited as the price kept dropping everytime the seller relisted, but figured I should snap him up while I can and what better time then this :D

Here's more angles of the little guy


Compared with the most recent release of the Pokedoll~

And here he is with the 1:1 Charmander and My giant Charizard, King

And for my second amazingly-lucky grail get:

2001 Banpresto UFO Kecleon!! Here he is with my small TOMY Kecleon

Now this guy was a pretty penny, but so so worth it! I recently lost out on a MWT one on Y!J, but then less than a week later, this one popped up on eBay! I made the seller an offer, and he became mine! I've only ever seen this guy for sale 3 times 0.o so I'm so glad I finally had my chance :D

He fits right in with the pokedolls :D

And he likes to play with King too ^^

Anyway, thanks for reading my super long post ><

I've updated my collections site and wants list :D Go have a look~


Have a wonderful day, collectors~
Tags: charmander, gets, kecleon
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