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Gets from Japan! :D

Good evening everyone! :D

I'm here with some pretty cool gets! :D

I have a good friend who goes to Japan in the end of May/beginning of June each year, and has always offered to pickup items from Mega Tokyo for me (last year she got me a Pokemon Time Umbreon that she got the day the promo started! :D).
I got her into collecting pokemon since then, and she went to PC with the intention of stocking her collection as well, and she brought me a bunch of goodies! :D

Away we go! ^-^

Such ploosh!
I mainly wanted dittosaur, but I kinda really love dittogar in a way I didn't think I would! Just look at that face! ._.
And I've wanted a helioptile pokedoll forever, so I was glad they still stocked them! :D

Shinies!!! :D
I absolutely love these two, and I was so glad she was able to find them, I love how shiny mega gardevoir's dress is so stark compared to the normal form! :D
And I always wanted the shiny gengar plush... but I have limited room, so I like the figure XD

She literally didn't stop ^^'
But I wasn't complaining, I got them at their shelf price (I bought her some food for her services XD)!!! I love the PT straps, and mentioned liking gen 4, so the starly was a great surprise! :D
And the subby Pika was something she forgot about until she was meeting up with me XD
His capsule was relatively small, but I was so geeked when she popped him out! :D
He's so smol ^-^
And the dedenne button is super cute too! :D

That's all for now, gets-wise! :D
I recently acquired a grail for a steal, which a few members here know of, but I'm waiting for a grand reveal once it arrives, andbi can't wait!!! :D

Once again, I'm after any shiny kids for sale/trade that I don't have, my sales are atill open on my journal, and I'll be at ColossalCon Sandusky next Sunday, for anyone wanting to meet up! :)

Until next time!
Have a good night, and happy collecting everyone! :D

~ Ebon
Tags: ditto, figures, gardevoir, gengar, gets, helioptile, plush, pokedoll, pokemon center, starly
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