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~ fuzzy plant want + some fun gets! ~

Hey everyone,
I know I've been posting a lot lately, but I'm really excited about being a part of this community again. I forgot how much fun collecting is lol! First, I do want to ask the community if they know anyone who has this that may want to sell it:

UPDATE: Here's a helpful picture from solishark!

Flocked Venusaur figure! I love the way the fuzzy, flocked figures look–they seem so velvety and soft. Plus Venusaur is an underrated Pokemon. I will pay a pretty penny for this fuzzy dino-plant!

Also, one of my gets is very recent, while the other is from a while ago–I just never got around to announcing it to the community. Pictures and more info are under the cut.

Thanks to epicaz, I'm one step closer to finishing my legendary beast trio! I'm so glad as Raikou came in absolutely mint condition. He's super handsome. I'm excited too because I think I might be securing myself an Entei Pokedoll soon.

I'm in love with shiny Rayquaza merchandise, and I'm really digging how much shiny Mega-Rayquaza stuff has been released. I bought this lottery set from a member two years ago (I think?), and I feel like it's the beginnings of a new shiny Rayquaza collection.

Anyway, that's really it. I have a lot more stuff coming in the mail for me in the next week, so I'm pumped. One get will involve the shiny legendary beasts, although it's probably not what most people are thinking. Who knows, maybe I can attempt to collect all the shiny merchandise there is lol!
Tags: figures, gets, raikou, rayquaza, suicune, venusaur, wants
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