sweetiesylveon (sweetiesylveon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grail Get!

Recently I got a grail of mine for a fantastic price! Maybe to some people, it would be an easy plush to find, but I have been scouring Y!Japan for months and only recently saw one of these for sale. Just two recently: one with a tag and one without. Of COURSE I had to try to get the one with a tag and I ended up winning the auction!

So what did I find?

Why... this giant Banpresto Theater UFO Sylveon of course! With Pokemon card for scale. This is the biggest official Sylveon plush created so far. I was really surprised it still had the tag considering it was released around 3 years ago. The person who owned it before must have had it only on display because it's remarkably clean with the tags practically mint condition.

I'm super excited to have this big mama in my collection. Now I have only 4 left to get before I own every Sylveon plush released! Though I wouldn't mind if they came out with a new one before I finish collecting them all especially if it's a cute Ditto-fied Sylveon.

Next grail to get: Tomy Talking Sylveon plush with a nice box. I fear I have quite the search ahead of me....
Tags: plush, sylveon
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