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Oops! Goomy Plush Auction + Clear Figure Sales

I just posted yesterday but figured i'd try and put these guys up as well. I was going to put Goomy up for straight sale but I saw it had pretty high prices listed where I could find it for sale so I figured I should just auction it and see what I can get.

He is in like new condition with all tags still attached. Has been used for display only. Starting bid is $22.
This does not include shipping, in the US shipping will be around $3-$4 dollars. Internationally it will depend on what country you live in.

Please bid in increments of $1 or more.
Auction ends 5 days after initial bid.

These two are just up for straight sale:

Clear Bulbasaur Tomy Figure- $4 SOLD
Clear Polywhirl Kid (1996)- $3

You can see all my other sales items here:

My sales info can be viewed here:
Tags: bulbasaur, goomy, poliwhirl
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