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Gets, Sales update, & show me your collection set up!!

I want to know what your collection set up looks like! I'm currently trying to look for shelving units to re-do my entire set up. My current shelf has been getting super wobbly and I'm afraid of it tipping over one day I won't be home. But my issue is, I don't know where to start! I wanna see some of your set ups to get some inspiration on how to re-do mine :> I'm especially excited because garage sale season has started. Super discount shelving.
Does anyone know a good way to display DS pens/pencils/regular pens? Mine keep falling over. I was thinking of getting museum putty to help them, but idk if that leaves a residue or not.

Onto the gets! Will be image heavy.

I'll start off with some god pony gets.

Pearly tomy! Was there a metallic release?

DARK PLATE ZUKAN!!! I love it so much ;__; Also splash and grass plates! Bought these from kyogres :>

I had an extra sky plate zukan, so I custom painted it to be the fairy plate. I really like how it came out. That dark pink was ridiculously hard to make ;'-';

Not really a 'get' since I had an extra one of these for a while, but I custom painted it to be the draco plate. It's got a few painting errors, but these things are so hard to work on because of how small they are kjgfhkhgk I will be looking to buy 14 more of these to do all the plates over time. I have a regular one and a dark plate one as well.

Dark plate BP plush! Ironically enough, it's the only legit one I have lmao But I don't really care all that much. I'd rather spend $5 on a bootie that's really well made than $25 on a single legit one right now. I got it off of a japanese flea market site for $3!

....which brings me to these! I got these for $5 each on eBay.

Giratina ballpoint pen! I only need one more from another set before I've got all of them.

As pictured ith the dark plate BP plush, I got another origin forme pokedoll strap. It was only $3 shipped. Apparently it's different from the one I got from Herar a few months ago! I wonder if it was a re-release of some sort.

Lastly I got this amazing zukan from a community member on here! It's my absolute favourite evolution line. Dusknoir can be split in half and the stomach is hollow. Definitely one of my favourite zukans overall.

Last week I walked to the post office to pick up a package I got from FJ. It was the Arceus tomy lot I mentioned in a previous post. But the rock plate tomy has....issues lol I guess his legs were glued on an angle because he has an incredibly hard time standing.

he doin a lil tap dance
I also set up my Arceus collection in a line to clearly show what I'm missing from each set (excluding plush).

I'm very close to completing my tomy and zukan sets! I am excited to complete them; especially the zukan set. I was thinking of purchasing whole sets of chous for the Arceus to make it easier for me. They're a pain to display, though. The bases don't go together well after the third row lol
Updated sales! Click the banner or the link to be transported to the goods and rules. CTR+F friendly! I've added zukan, tomys, TFGs, jakks, and more. I decided to get rid of all of my main collection doubles and purge on side collections.

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