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Hello everyone! I finally got sales permission so Im posting up my first sales post! Its not very much, just the spare merch I don't need any more. After I clean my queue Ill do mostly custom item sales and figure/plushie refurb commissions! So if you want any pre-made Pokemon merch from me this is likely all Ill sell.

If not then keep an eye out for when I open for custom plushies and figures later on..


Sneak peek image below! Actual images with prices and rules under the cut!

I got sales permission from areica96 on 5/27/2016

Link to my feedback:

-I ship from the United States (GA)

-I have dogs and parrots in the house but they don’t touch the merch.. keep this in mind if you have allergies!

-Minimum sale price must be $3

-I typically can ship orders weekly but if there is some kind of delay it most likely wont take more than two weeks

-I ship using USPS. All orders have a tracking number! Shipping depends on the item bought.
I will ship internationally but any orders outside of the USA will have higher shipping.

-To get an item, write “I commit” at the beginning of your comment, then tell me the item(s)you are wanting to purchase! If you just want a shipping quote then ask for one following with your zip code and the item(s) your wanting.

-After you commit you have 48 hours to send the payment via PayPal.. buyer is responsible for Paypal fees! Everything is first come first served!

-I do not accept haggling or payment plans!

-Items most likely will not be MIT, check images for condition!

-I will accept trades, I collect Charizards mainly but I also enjoy Bulbasaur and Nidoqueen! If you have an item that’s not on my wants list then feel free to show me anyways~!

Wants list:


Torchic plush- $8
(some cleaning needed)
Blaziken plush- $10

Buizel plush- $5
Vaporeon plush (bootleg)- $5

Venonat figure- $3
Riolu figure- $3
Zoroark figure- $3
Bootie Nidorino and Nidorina- $3
Grovyle Figure- $5
Pikachu Figure (missing tail)- $3
Turtwig Figure- $5

Jigglypuff Spinner- $5
Pikachu Spinner- $5

Nidorino Keychain- $5
Weavile Keychains and Pokeball- $5
Pikachu Keychain- $5

Happy sales everyone!!

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