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Congratulations! Your custom Keychains evolved into....2.5D figurines!

Hi there! After a long health recovery and many many prototype tests, I finally came up with a brand new custom crafting commission to rival with my usual keychains, so far the very main and only feature I could ever provide for you here!
Have a small sneak of the test runs I made since last week:

Allow me to present you the 2.5D figurines! Click in the picture for full size!

Just like the keychains, those are made of sponge EVA except there's two major differences:
1) They are the double of the size of the keychains, allowing to include more details and less restriction regarding poses (15cm, A6 sized)
2) They aren't plain designed: each one contains 5-6 layers of sponge with distinct degree of thickness in different parts of the body (ex: charizard's head, tail and right wing and paws are upper layers). That's why I call those 2.5D! Not 2D for not being plain and not 3D for not being fully dimensional)

These figurines were particularly made to perfect the technique among some others tests. Soon I will finish all preparations, I will be able to craft figurines of this quality of ANY character you want! The price won't exceed $25 each and will include new free gifts!

Custom 2.5D figurine commissions will open in mid June, among the return of vastly improved keychain commissions as well!

Stay tuned and thank you ;)
Tags: charizard, zygarde

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