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Supercute custom art gets! *o* <3

Hey everyone! :D I got some sweet custom stuff I have to share with you! Just click the cut below for pics! :D

First off, here is my gift from peppermmints which was part of a trade from latias_latios_7 ´s gift-exchange! :D I got it a while ago, but I wanted to wait for my other custom get to post all together! :)
Heracross helped me open the package:

Oh my! So many cute stuff inside *o* Heracross: "Look there is me!!"
This heracross keychain is so adorable! x3

Next thing was this bookmark - and I was totally blown away! I love that she included Pelipper! Yay! More love for Pelipper :D Also the style is adorable! And I love sweets (I´m kind of a sugar-junkie lol) so this was just perfect!! Look at the cute tiny Dedenne :3 And all the details and colors and my fav pokemon makes this piece to unique! I love it!

A letter! I should have read this first lol! But I was too excited and packed out the gifts first!

A little caterpie garland! Nice for decorating my collection! ^-^

So here is a groupshoot! Thanks again peppermmints, this was really fun and I love everything! :D

Next up, I traded 2 aceo cards with serpifeu! Her cards turned out absolutely adorable and beautiful! *__*  Also, she got me a lot of extras which was so sweet! :D I was also surprised to get the boomer sticker cards since I really like these old nostalgic cards and esp. Raichu and Metapod are graily too me! (They´re not easy to find in a good condition, even on ebay!! >_<)

LOOK AT THOSE CARDS!! *o* They´re the cutest things I´ve ever seen :3 They´re also a bit sparkly! And fragranced!! Yes they smell sweet! x3 And decorated with stickers: The espurr one has little flowers and dedenne has stars! Unfortunately the pic doesn´t shown it very good!
Also the backsides are very beautiful *_*:

Thanks again serpifeu for your trade and everything! You´re very talented and I absolutely love these pieces!! :3 <3

Also, I had a lucky found on ebay yesterday!!! HERACROSS CANDY CONTAINER FIGURE!!! The european candy container figures aren´t very rare, but this one is! (I think) I even didn´t know he exists until I saw a pic on google anytime before...and now I randomly see him on ebay for 6,99€ BIN. Quite expensive for one of those figures, but since he is hard to find I had to jump on it! :D Now I´m happy when I can add him to my collection :)

Also, my wantslist: http://pikabulbachu.livejournal.com/5923.html
I´m still looking for many old tcgs in a good condition! Shipping would be to germany. I can buy, trade or do art for!

Thanks everyone for looking! :3
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