flaaffy (flaaffy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants, 🌙 Trades⭐️

Hello everyone! ❤️
Just want to share a quick wants post with y'all and maybe we can trade!
Also, I can't seem to find one of my most wanted plushies..So please click the cut & see if you can help me. I'd really appreciate it.

*W A N T S :

I can find most of these guys on eBay, I think (I'd rather buy from you guys though), but I'm having trouble with Raichu. I can't find him anywhere. I know he's from Banpresto's 2016 "I ❤️ Pikachu" set. Is he even available for sale yet? I absolutely need him.
If you have any of these for sale/trade/have any information on Raichu, please let me know!

And click this pretty banner if you like to trade!
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