dragonkid20 (dragonkid20) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Reminder: New York City meetup!

Hey everyone,

Just checking around to see if anyone else is interested in meeting up in NYC next weekend. I originally planned for Saturday, 6/11, but I just found out that I have to go to my grandpa's birthday that evening, so the following day, Sunday 6/12, would be preferable.

For those of you that have confirmed interest already, would 6/12 be good for you? And would it be a good idea to set up a group chat or something like that? (I don't think it's a good idea to keep posting on the comm about this.) Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions. I'm just trying to figure things out haha

Thanks and I can't wait to meet some of you!

P.S. Quick sales plug here here Next shipping day is Friday, followed by the following Tuesday. Thanks again :)
Tags: meetup
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