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Permanent sales post!

Hello! Here's my sales post. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I hope you enjoy browsing and maybe you find something cool there.
And don't forget to read the rules, please!

CURRENT STATUS: September - Sales are OPEN, I'm revising the rules, new version will be posted on Sunday 19th. Please remember to re-read the rules if you plan to buy something after that date!

What's new: Global Express to the US is back!

Unregistered priority shipping is available to all countries. I provide a proof of shipment, but once the package leaves Poland the tracking will not update (with an exception of a few countries). Usually it takes 10-14 days to arrive, but considering the current situation delays may occur.
Registered priority shipping is available to some countries. Package up to 1kg cost 22$ to be shipped to the US. Please ask for a quote and availability to other countries.
Global Express (what I normally use for registered shipping) is available to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Norway, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, US, Hungary, UK, Italy. Please understand that the available countries may change. Package up to 0,5kg costs 9$ (European countries) or 11$ (worldwide).


-Sales Permission granted on 2016/05/26 by areica96
-Feedback: old website feedback / feedback post
-All PKMNCollectors Rules apply

-I ship from Poland (Europe) and I ship internationally
-I ship at least once a week
-Items are shipped in bubblemailers by default to reduce shipping costs. If you want your items shipped in a box specify it in your comment
NEW! -The shipping cost depends only on weight of the package, not its contents (no "flats" rate). Basically, as long as the item fits in the bubblemailer I can send it as a letter
-I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. If you are concerned about this please request tracking
-Prices do not include shipping and fees

-PayPal only
-Payment is required in 24 hours after receiving a total, unless discussed otherwise
-Payment must be done in USD. In case of any doubts please refer to this photo: CLICK
-If you send payment in another currency (PayPal automatically converts the amount to pln) I reserve the right to refuse to conduct any further business with you and ban you from my future sales. I have CLEARLY STATED reminder that payment must be done in USD both in my rules and in comment with your total. By sending payment in another currency you are happily ignoring my instructions and burdening me with additional work
-I can accept a payment plan if needed. I will ship your items after you pay in full
-I accept reasonable haggling
-I accept trades. Here is my wants list

-Items come from smoke-free, cat-friendly home
-Most of the items are pre-owned. If you are concerned about condition of an item please ask; more photos can be provided at a request
-When inquiring about an item please specify which one do you have in mind (for example by adding an url of a photo)
-Make clear in your comment whether you are asking for a quote or committing (comments similar to "Pikachu to US!" will be treated as a commitment)
-Backing out of a commitment will result in negative feedback

If you found this entry randomly and don't have account on this platform, please contact me at grecioch(@)interia(.)pl






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